Fu Shan Hai

What Happened?

I can remember seeing this video on an online news-site immediately after the Fu Shan Hai accident.
Unfortunately it was only online in a short period of time.

I'm glad to see that it's reappeared on YouTube, so that we can see her final minutes again:

(As far as I can remember, this video was created by the Danish Home guard).

The prognosis for how the oil from the ship would spread.

After more than 4½ years the final bill has been presented to the insurance company.
The swedish government wil recieve 29,5 million swedish kroner, and the danish government will recieve 24 million danish kroner, to cover the expenses after the Fu Shan Hai oil spill
The owners of the polish vessel "Gdynia" has previously paid aprox. 84 million danish kroner to the owners of Fu Shan Hai.

In August 2013 more of the of the oil was removed from the wreck:

Where do you find the Fu Shan Hai?

How deep lies the Fu Shan Hai?

35 metres to the top of the ships main structure.

47 to 53 metres to the deck.

55 metres to the ships name plate.

70 metres to the screw.